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"System.NullReferenceException" error on startup


The following error may appear in a dialog box when Outlook 2010 starts up:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at CdsAddin.CdsClient.PartialUrlEncode(String toEncode)
   at CdsAddin.CdsClient.GetSpamHandlingInfo(String profile, String storeEid, Boolean createSpamFolder, String reason)
   at CdsAddin.CloudmarkAddin.SetSpamFolderIcon()
   at CdsAddin.CloudmarkAddin.ThisAddIn_Startup(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Close this dialog box to continue launching Outlook 2010.  DesktopOne functions normally.


This error may appear when one of these third-party plugins is installed on the same computer as DesktopOne:

  • gSyncit
  • CompanionLink

Check for these plugins on your computer and disable them to eliminate the error.  If none of these plugins are installed on your computer, contact Support for further assistance.

Last updated: 11/4/13

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