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Automatic scanning with Cloudmark DesktopOne stops when Thunderbird is closed


When Thunderbird is closed, Cloudmark DesktopOne is no longer able to scan for spam messages automatically. Spam messages that arrive when Thunderbird is closed will be visible in the inbox after Thunderbird is reopened.


Unfortunately, there is no solution for this issue at this time. Cloudmark is investigating the problem with Mozilla, and updates will be provided as they become available. To work around the problem, please leave Thunderbird open. If you do need to close Thunderbird, manually scanning the inbox with Cloudmark after Thunderbird is reopened will remove any spam messages that arrived when closed.*

*Manually scanning a folder is only available to Pro Mode users of Cloudmark Desktop.

To manually scan your inbox or another email folder:

  1. From your email program, click on the folder you want to scan from your folder list.
  2. Now click the Cloudmark button on your Cloudmark Toolbar on your email program, and choose "Scan Folder Now."
  3. Cloudmark scans the folder, and removes the accumulated spam.

Last updated: 12/6/10