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The Cloudmark DesktopOne Outlook toolbar may be conflicting with another third party add-in


Sometimes the Cloudmark DesktopOne toolbar won't install or frequently disappears. These issues, among others, can be caused when there is a conflict between the Cloudmark DesktopOne Outlook toolbar add-in and another third party Outlook add-in.


These types of issues can be tricky to track down. We recommend temporarily disabling all third party Outlook add-ins in an effort to learn where the conflict resides. You can install OfficeIns to make temporarily disabling Outlook add-ins easier.

Runing OfficeIns.exe will show a list of the add-ins you have in Office. Clicking on the "Software" heading will order the list so that the Outlook add-ins appear together.

Temporarily disable the Outlook add-ins by right clicking on them and choosing Change Start Mode and then choosing Disabled.

Now restart your computer and open Outlook. If the Cloudmark DesktopOne toolbar doesn't appear, try reinstalling Cloudmark DesktopOne.

Assuming the Cloudmark DesktopOne toolbar appears after reinstalling, you can start adding back your other third party add-ins one by one until you discover which one is causing the conflict. At that point, you'll need to decide whether you want to keep Cloudmark DesktopOne or the add-in causing the conflict.

Last updated: 7/30/15

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