I cannot login I don't have a My Cloudmark account

I added a new email account but Cloudmark DesktopOne doesn't display its folders.


After adding a new email account to the Cloudmark Accounts window, the new folders may not appear in the configuration settings. This prevents them from being selected for scanning.


To resolve this issue, follow these instructions:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Right-click on the Cloudmark icon in your system tray to open the pop-up menu.
  3. Select "Exit."
  4. Wait about fifteen seconds to allow Cloudmark to shut down completely.
  5. Click the Windows Start button.
  6. Select All Programs > Cloudmark > Cloudmark DesktopOne to re-launch Cloudmark Desktop Service.
  7. Open Outlook.
  8. The new email account's folders should now appear when you open the Cloudmark DesktopOne Accounts window and click Configure... next to the new email account.

Last updated: 4/29/11

Applies To:

Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook