I cannot login I don't have a My Cloudmark account

DesktopOne unexpectedly stopped scanning my Microsoft Exchange account.


Cloudmark DesktopOne unexpectedly quits scanning email automatically. Upon opening the Accounts window to investigate, the email account entry shows a red background, with an error: "Unable to connect..."

If DesktopOne unexpectedly stops automatically scanning your Exchange email account, open the Accounts window. It may display a red background behind your account, along with this error message:

Unable to connect to Exchange mailstore


To resolve this issue, stop and restart automatic filtering:

How to stop and restart automatic filtering

  1. In the Account window, click "Turn off filtering" next to the affected account.
  2. Wait a few seconds.
  3. Click "Turn on filtering".

The red background should now disappear and automatic filtering should resume.

Last updated: 12/6/10