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Filtering Web mail accounts

Cloudmark DesktopOne can filter any Web mail account that supports POP or IMAP.

Configuring a Web mail account for filtering

Some Web mail providers require that you first enable POP or IMAP in your Web mail account settings. Log in to your Web mail interface and check your account settings to verify that one of these is available. If both are offered, IMAP is recommended.

When POP or IMAP is enabled in your Web mail account, you can add your Web mail account to Cloudmark DesktopOne just like any other POP or IMAP account. For instructions, see Filtering your email accounts.

Blocking and unblocking messages in Web mail

The Cloudmark DesktopOne toolbar is compatible with several standalone email clients but not with Web browsers. If you use a Web browser to read your Web mail, then you will not see a Block or Unblock button in your email interface. However, you can still block and unblock messages.

How to block or unblock a message in Gmail

  1. In the message list, select the checkbox next to the messages you want to block or unblock.
  2. Click Labels... to open the drop-down menu.

    Gmail uses labels instead of folders.

    • To block the selected messages, select [IMAP]/Spam.
    • To unblock the selected messages, deselect [IMAP]/Spam.
  3. Click Go.

    Your action is now reported to Cloudmark, which uses this feedback to improve accuracy. However, the message will not be moved in or out of your Spam folder.

    • To move a blocked message into your Spam folder, click Gmail's Report Spam button.
    • To move an unblocked message out of your Spam folder, click Gmail's Not Spam button.

Note: Gmail's Report Spam button does not report spam to Cloudmark.