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Basic Mode and Pro Mode

When you first install Cloudmark DesktopOne in Basic Mode, you get automatic filtering for one email account and manual filtering for as many accounts as you like. You can use DesktopOne this way for as long as you like, free of charge.

To get more features, you can upgrade to Pro Mode by purchasing an annual subscription to Cloudmark. A subscription gives you access to these additional features:

  • On-demand scanning

    With on-demand scanning, you have more flexibility in determining when a folder is scanned for spam. Just use the "Scan Folder Now" command to scan whenever you like.

  • Add Contacts to the Smartlist with one click

    Save time configuring Cloudmark DesktopOne by adding your saved email contacts to the Smartlist in one easy step.

  • Filtering for multiple folders and email accounts

    Automatically filter multiple email folders within integrated email clients, and filter multiple email addresses.

  • Automatically empty the Spam folder

    Set Cloudmark DesktopOne to automatically delete the contents of the Spam designation folder at scheduled intervals.

  • Automatically re-scan Outlook mailboxes

    DesktopOne Pro automatically re-scans your Outlook mailboxes at intervals in order to apply the latest spam-blocking data from the Cloudmark network. This allows DesktopOne to block spam that was initially too new to identify but was later blocked by users in the network.

  • Trust your email contacts list

    DesktopOne Pro users can have Cloudmark DesktopOne trust everyone in their contacts list with one click.

How to upgrade to Pro Mode

  1. Go to the DesktopOne upgrade page.
    The shopping cart appears. By default, you can purchase one subscription for up to two computers.
    To use Pro Mode on more than two computers, you can add licenses by entering a quantity in the "Additional seats" field.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account and finalize your purchase.

You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

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