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Unblocking legitimate messages

Occasionally, a legitimate message may be mistaken for spam or phishing. This can happen for different reasons:

  • The message may resemble a known form of spam or phishing.
  • The message may have been blocked by you or other users in the network.

Look inside your spam folder periodically to check for any legitimate messages that may have been mistaken for spam or phishing. There are two ways to correct this:

  • Unblock messages in your spam folder

    Use this option for the occasional message that is mistakenly sent to your spam folder. See Unblocking specific messages.

  • Add a legitimate sender to your Approved Senders list

    When you unblock a message, DesktopOne asks you whether you want to add the sender to your Approved Senders list. Use this option if multiple messages from one sender are consistently mistaken for spam. See Using the Approved Senders list.