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Using the POP3 quarantine

When Cloudmark DesktopOne filters a POP3 email account, it moves spam messages into a quarantine where you can review them. If you find a legitimate message here, you can unblock it and DesktopOne will re-send it to your email account.

In order to unblock messages in your spam quarantine, you must configure your outbound email server. See Configuring a POP3 account.

By default, messages in the quarantine are deleted after seven days. You can configure a different interval; see Configuring a POP3 account.

How to use the POP3 quarantine

  1. Open the Accounts window.

    See Using the Accounts window.

  2. Next to your POP3 email account, click Quarantine....

    The Spam Quarantine window appears, displaying a list of spam messages that have been removed from your mailbox.

  3. Click any message in the list to preview it.

    If you find a legitimate message here, you can select it and click Unblock.

    You can also unblock a message by dragging it out of the quarantine window. For example, you can drag a message out of the quarantine window and into your email application to return it to your mailbox.

    You can delete any message in the quarantine by selecting it and clicking Delete.

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