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Activating Pro Mode

To activate Pro Mode, you must enter your activation code in Cloudmark DesktopOne. Follow the instructions below.

Note: If you were a Cloudmark Desktop subscriber and you installed DesktopOne on a computer where you previously used your Desktop subscription, then usually you do not need to enter your activation code in order to use DesktopOne in Pro mode. When you install DesktopOne, it detects your existing Desktop license and enters Pro mode automatically.

How to activate Pro Mode

  1. Log in to My Cloudmark.

    The Account Summary page appears.

  2. Under License Information, copy your activation code.
  3. Launch Cloudmark DesktopOne.
  4. Click Subscription.

    The Activate Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro Mode window appears.

  5. Paste your activation code into the Activation Code field.
  6. Optionally, edit the Computer Name field to name this computer.
  7. Click the Activate... button.

Pro features are now enabled for DesktopOne.

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