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Trusting senders from your email address book

In Pro mode, the option to trust senders from your address book is available under Address Book on the Approved Senders tab. If you have added email addresses to your email program's address book, you can select this option to disable filtering for those email addresses. Like the Approved Senders list, this option can prevent messages you want such as newsletters from being diverted to your spam folder.

Spammers may occasionally send spam that appears to be from a sender in your email address book. If this happens and you have trusted the senders in your email address book, mark the message as spam and temporarily disable trusting senders from your address book.

If you enable this option and your email address book is linked with an Active Directory or LDAP email address list, those email addresses are not omitted from filtering. Email addresses that you have added to the email address book are trusted.

  1. Open the Accounts window. See Using the Accounts window.
  2. Next to the account containing email addresses that you want to trust, click Configure....The account settings window appears.
  3. Click the Approved Senders tab.
  4. Select the "Also trust email from senders in my address book" checkbox.