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Using the Toolbar

The toolbar contains three buttons:

The DesktopOne Button
The DesktopOne button opens a menu that allows you to access the Accounts window, update the software, or get help. The Cloudmark button appears whenever no message is selected. See Using the Accounts window, Updating Cloudmark DesktopOne, and Finding more information.
The Block Button
The Block button sends spam and phishing messages from your mailbox to your spam folder. The Block button appears whenever you select a message in any folder other than your spam folder. See Blocking spam and phishing.
The Unblock Button
The Unblock button removes legitimate messages from your spam folder and returns them to your Inbox. The Unblock button appears whenever you select your spam folder or a message inside it. See Unblocking legitimate messages.

When you install Cloudmark DesktopOne, the toolbar is installed in your email window if you have one of these supported email applications:

  • Mail
  • Outlook 2011
  • Mozilla Thunderbird