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Using Cloudmark DesktopOne on multiple computers

When you use Cloudmark DesktopOne in basic mode, you can install and use it on as many computers as you like.

When you upgrade to Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro, you receive an activation code.

Each activation code can be used to activate DesktopOne in Pro Mode on two computers simultaneously. To use DesktopOne on two computers simultaneously, install it on each computer and enter your activation code as described in the steps below.

To run Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro on more than two computers, purchase an additional license for each additional computer. For example, to run Pro Mode on four computers, purchase two additional licenses. To purchase additional licenses, log into My Cloudmark. Under License Information, click the Manage button, then complete the Purchase Additional Licenses form.

Changing the computer name in My Cloudmark does not install Cloudmark DesktopOne on the new computer. To install Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro on another computer, follow the instructions on this page. To uninstall Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro from a computer that you no longer use, see Uninstalling Cloudmark DesktopOne. The computer name in My Cloudmark is to help you remember the computers on which you've installed Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro.

How to use DesktopOne on multiple computers

  1. Install DesktopOne on each computer on which you want to use it. For installation and download information, see this KB article.
  2. On each computer where DesktopOne is installed, right-click the Cloudmark DesktopOne icon and select Enter Activation Code...

    right-click Cloudmark DesktopOne icon in system tray screenshot

    The Enter Activation Code window appears.

  3. Enter your activation code. To find your activation code, see this KB article.
  4. Enter a name for this computer.
  5. Click OK.