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Configuring detection actions

When you select a POP3 account for filtering, the default action when spam is detected is to move it to your POP3 quarantine at five-minute intervals, then delete it after seven days. You can change these intervals, or disable the quarantine action.

How to configure detection actions

  1. Open the Accounts window.

    See Using the Accounts window.

  2. Next to your POP account, click Configure....

    The account settings window appears.

  3. Click the General tab.
  4. In the Detection Actions box, select or de-select "Delete detected spam from my POP3 mailbox at regular intervals".

    If you de-select this option, no action will be taken when spam is detected unless you configure advanced spam detection actions.

  5. Select the interval at which DesktopOne will clean your mailbox.
  6. Select the interval after which DesktopOne will delete spam messages from the quarantine.

    See Using the POP3 quarantine.

  7. Click OK.