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Adding a sender to the Approved Senders list

Whenever you unblock a legitimate message that was moved to your spam folder, Cloudmark DesktopOne asks you whether you want to always receive messages from this sender. If you click Yes, the sender is automatically added to your Approved Senders list.

You can also manually add senders to your Approved Senders list as explained below:

How to add a sender to your Approved Senders list

  1. Open the Accounts window.

    See Using the Accounts window.

  2. Next to the account where you receive messages from this sender, click Configure....

    The account settings window appears.

  3. Click the Approved Senders tab.
  4. Click the add (+) button.

    The Edit Approved Senders window appears.

  5. Enter one of the following:
    • an email address, like this: jane@domain.com

      All email from this sender will be whitelisted.

    • a domain, like this: @domain.com

      All email from all senders in this domain will be whitelisted.

    • a domain and its subdomains, like this: domain.com

      All email from all senders in this domain and its subdomains (such as host1.domain.com, host2.domain.com, and so on) will be whitelisted.

  6. Click OK to close the Edit Approved Senders window.
  7. Click OK to close the account settings window.