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Cloudmark DesktopOne is Being Discontinued

We are sad to announce that Cloudmark DesktopOne is being discontinued and that the end of life wind down period has begun. With the increased use of mobile devices, the number of people running DesktopOne has tailed off over time as people migrated from desktop-based email clients to web-based and mobile-based email clients. As of 2014, we changed the Cloudmark DesktopOne product from that of a paid yearly subscription model to that of a free model in an effort to retain or increase the active user count. Unfortunately, this experiment has not altered the rate of user decline. Although Cloudmark DesktopOne has been a helpful product for many users around the world, we are unfortunately no longer able to maintain the product and it will stop functioning after December 1, 2017.

The Cloudmark DesktopOne (originally just called "SpamNet") product helped to establish Cloudmark's Global Threat Network, enabling reliable spam and virus submission collection from enthusiastic users around the world while providing high levels of automatic email filtering. Your feedback and input over the years have been instrumental in developing and tuning Cloudmark DesktopOne and we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for being users. Although this is the end of the road for this product, we have greatly appreciated the opportunity to have you as customers and to work with you in order to provide a much-loved spam fighting solution.

However, the fight against spam goes on. In order to find a good alternative technology solution for protecting your inbox, please visit PC Magazine for a list of alternative solutions.

  • Q: I'm a paying Cloudmark DesktopOne customer. How does this affect my account?
  • A: Cloudmark DesktopOne has been free software for all users since June 2014, as we stopped charging any subscriptions for the solution at that time. If you check your latest invoices you will notice that your account has been renewed free of charge since June 2014.
  • Q: How long will I be able to continue using DesktopOne?
  • A: Cloudmark DesktopOne will remain available to you until December 1, 2017 on the existing supported platforms. No new versions or maintenance versions will be released between now and that date.
  • Q: Will I still receive support?
  • A: Yes, our user support forum will be available for active assistance through January 31, 2017. After that time the forum will be reconfigured to be read-only but will remain available to peruse until December 1, 2017.